Terms of payment

CPMC -1 suggests purchasing apartments on an installment basis that gives possibility to own an apartment in new-build complex even for those who do not possess the necessary amount of money. Installments can be made as following:

  • First installment contains not less than 30 % of the total cost of the apartment.
  • Installments are made during the building process and end when project construction is finished.
  • Payment schedule is flexible and is formed on the basis of customers’ requests.

It is possible to discuss the opportunity to prolong the terms of installment after the construction commission. Purchasing of real estate in a new-built complex of the city of Odessa is simple and clear. A signed contract between a customer and CPMC – 1 clearly defines that the builder takes all the responsibility for highly qualified fulfillment of the construction and also to finish it in agreed time limit. A valid passport and indification code is necessary for completing a contract. The contract will become effective once it is signed by both parties and the first installment is due.