Zabolotnogo st. 23 (4-section apartment house)

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Zabolotnogo st. 23

Number of floors 10 floors

Size, square meter
One room apartment: 42-49 sq. m.
Two room apartment: 66-73 sq. m
Three room apartment: 97-100 sq. m

Price per square meter
One room apartment UAH 19700
Two room apartment UAH 19200
Three room apartment UAH 18700 


Apartments are to be constructed at Zabolotnogo Street, 23 each apartment block has 10 floors divided in 4 sections each of which contain 150 apartments each.
Apartments’ will be constructed of red hollow clay, walls will be finished with plaster, cement floors in all rooms, waterproofing in bathroom areas, with a ceiling height of 3 meters.
Apartments are provided with all the utilities, installed metering devices (electricity, water, gas), radiators, German metal-plastic windows with double-glass pane and metal entrance doors. Independent heating system (double-pressure boilers) is provided in the each apartment.

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