About us

Construction and Project Management Company № 1 has been successfully working on the construction market for 70 years. CPMC-1 was founded on 17th April 1944 on the basis of ПСМО “Odessastroy” (registration license № 293, certificate of registration №2386537).

Over 60 construction projects have been already completed!

Over the last 70 years CPMC – 1 has set into operation more than sixty residential complexes. Among all the projects you will not only find apartment houses but also big industrial projects such as factories, airport, stadium and hospitals, policlinics, publishing office and schools that are being used successfully for years.


Principles of our work

  • Quality and security of the work performed are guaranteed by our extensive experience in the construction sector. Professional masters of 4 – 6 rating and experienced engineers work in our company.
  • Our company uses the latest construction equipments for performing projects.
  • CPMC -1 completes all the projects (civil, commercial and industrial objects) within timely manner.
  • Our apartment housing are supplied with latest resources such as gas-fired boilers.