Our projects

  • Zabolotnogo st. 23 (4-section apartment house)

    Apartments are to be constructed at Zabolotnogo Street, 23 each apartment block has 10 floors divided in 4 sections each of which contain 150 apartments each.

  • Zooparkovaya st. 8 (6-section apartment house)
    Zooparkovaya st. 8 (6-section apartment house)

    Ten floor apartment house № 8 has 6 sections divided on three blocks of two sections each. Designed project is situated near the city park (250m).

  • Zabolotnogo st. 63/1 (4-section apartment house)

     The apartment house has 10 floors, four sections, 150 apartments. Apartments are constructed from red hollow clay, with a ceiling height of 3 meters.

Our advantages

  • Different project districts
  • We build brick buildings
  • Independent heating system
  • Different floor plans
  • Best prices